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                        Really Good NDIS Support Coordination!




Why is my smaller Company so  successful?

I am an ex- NDIS Planner with a really good understanding of how the NDIS works.

Most important I never have more than 20 ACTIVE clients in a week,

this is so I can provide each and every client my full attention

and allows me to provide almost immediate help.

We have an open line of communication 7 days a week

(VoiceMail and TXT on the week-ends) which my clients love.


Being highly experienced and having my company since leaving the NDIS in 2017

- my success rate is very high, and customer satisfaction is the same.


Immediate action, clear crisp information and results which are to your very best interests.

If you feel you are not getting this high quality service from your Support Coordinator,

please contact me now.

Phone : 0421 800 985

Providing support and experience to help NDIS Adults 

find their best life supports and equiptment.

Happihouse will not drop you as a client
the minute your funds run out!

Accepting new clients now-limited spaces.

Est. 2017
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